Quadro Alloys specialises in the production of extruders used in the food production industry. Our extruders are custom-designed and built according to your required specifications and operation.


Examples of Extruders supplied by Quadro Alloys:
• Full Fat Soya Extruders – used in animal feed and the food industry
• Starch – Charcoal & foundries, food industry
• Dog Food
• Fish Food


Key Features of Quadro Alloys Extrusion units:
The general machine layout remains the same, however, the flights, heads and choke plates are adapted within the extruder for each of the different products extruded. A pre-conditioner is added during the extrusion of dog and fish food.


Extrusion units available in:
• 55kw Extruders

• 75kw Extruders

• 90kw Extruders


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