General Information

Hammer mills are custom-designed according to operation and required specifications and will vary according to the raw material/product used. 

The construction of each mill is of the highest quality, ensuring durability and strength to withstand general vibration

Typical applications include the milling of:

 • Full Fat Soya – food industry and cattle feed

 • Grains, e.g: Maize, wheat, etc.

 • Starch – charcoal and foundries, and food industry.


Options Available:
“PLAIN” – 

The milled product passes through the mill and straight into a bag.


The milled product passes through the mill and is moved via a blower 

into a cyclone where it is bagged off from a two-way bagging attachment.  


Typical hammer-mill designs operate at 2800rpm with various screen sizes available. 

  Hammer-mill screen sizes available:

  • 0.75 mm                   • 3 mm

  • 0.9 mm                     • 3.2 mm

  • 1.2 mm                     • 5 mm

  • 1.5 mm                     • 6 mm

  • 2 mm                        • 8 mm

  • 2.5 mm                     • 10 mm

Our finest screen 0.75mm is able to produce a product of under 200 micron.

A full range of spares and accessories are available, as well as on-site maintenance and support.

 Hammer Mill Models Available:

  Sizes                                Model No.: 

• 30kW Hammer mill       QAHM30
• 55kW Hammer mill       QAHM55
• 75kW Hammer mill       QAHM75
• 90kW Hammer mill       QAHM90

Blower Models available :

  Sizes                                        Model No.: 

• 7.5kW Material Blower         QAMB7.5 

• 11kW Material Blower          QAMB11    • 22kW Material Blower          QAMB22

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