General Information

Our Fabrication Workshop is equipped with the machinery needed to process and manufacture any design according to specification in all materials, including stainless steel and mild steel. For use in any field from engineering, food production, catering equipment, construction and designs of the highest quality, ensuring durability and strength to withstand general vibration

General Fabrication specialising in stainless steel:

• Conditioners, Open Trough Augers, Pipe Augers,

• Blenders & Coaters, Conveyers,

• Driers, Cyclones & Sifters

We ensure the best quality, efficient service with a fast turnover time on product delivery. 

Cooling Bins

Volumetric Feeders





Electrical Panels

Open Trough Augers

Water Systems & Pumps

 Stainless and Galvanized Piping & Fittings

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